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I need to find totally free government grant information

kikiminx started this conversation

I would like to find absolutly free government grant information so I can start my own business.  Every site I have found has a fee involved. If I wanted to pay for the info I would go to a bookstore. Any information would be much appreciated.

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Lil Nesha
My name is Tinesha and I am a single mother of 5. I am wanting to start my own business, go back to school but I have not finished high school and also I am still living with my mother. So I am not sure of what help there is out there to help me and I don’t know too much of how applying for grants is, any help available, I would love to know about and how to apply. My email address is
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I'm a 43 year old man trying to get a gov. Grant to buy this small little pub , but everybody wants a fee, I need help someone please !!!!
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tyler2385   in reply to Roseb441702

My name is stephen wilson iam currently 21 and married with a 2 year old daughter . I have recently lost my job being threatened with eviction and also about to lose the only vehicle my family has im not the type to ask for handouts this is very hard for me but i have stressed every other option and i have absolutely no idea what im supposed to do any help would be greatly appreciated . my email is
Greatly anticipate your reply

Sincerely . Stephen wilson and family
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alicia1108   in reply to Roseb441702
hello my name is alicia and i was wondering what organizations could help me I have to be out of my place by this Saturday and have found a new place that I can afford however I cant afford the fees to get in is there anyone who can help
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tntpierce   in reply to Roseb441702
What is the name of the program and how do we contact them?
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djmills   in reply to Roseb441702
Please help me hind these programs that you are talking about
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i am looking for help i have fallen on had times. im a single mother of 4 kids i work part time for min wage and its not enough. we r currently homeless and i keep looking online for help and get know where. if u know of a site that doesnt charge but helps like its supposed to let me know
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 in response to mugs...   I have one of his books that I will happy to sell to you very cheap.
Let me know if you want it.
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that guy on the commercials with the question marks on his coat says you can get free money to move. i cant find anything on the internet that pertains to it. maybe i should have bought his book. maybe with all the books out on it these days our illustrious government has hidden the info better .
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 in response to LifeonMars...   i need a govement for bills rent and abetter car
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 in response to Roseb441702...   HI Roseb441702's my name is cocomama7 and I would like to hear more of what you have to say I am interested in getting a grant to starting a business that involves a trade I am a minority and by my name you know I am female. please I need more info
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I would like to get a free grant that will help me economically. My husband and I live on social security and a small federal pension of less than $10,000 a year. We have not had a cost of living raise for 2 years and the medicines that we have to buy are expensive. I have rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. I am 63 years old and my husband is 72 years old. He has a aortic walve replacement.I have a wheelchair but it does not fit into the old car we have. To walk I need a walker. Inside my house the entrance and the rest of my house is too narrow so that I can get by in the wheelchair. I need economic help to get by. Where can I apply? My husband and I are both United States citizens.
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 in response to tony224...   I am looking for the same thing a grant or a loan it is so difficult! But I know God will come through!
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 in response to Roseb441702...   I've been looking for a grant also. I found some places that want to charge a fee, I don't think that's right. Maybe we'll find some real help soon. I'm Praying on it.
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 in response to PrettyAbby...   Although I have seen a few programs that call themselves "grant" programs I don't consider them grant programs because you have to pay a fee for them. If you want to be sure about who it is that you are dealing with then you should check them out online. I have investigated quite a few bad companies all because they appeared in the headlines and I wanted to find out more about them.

As far as government grant programs are concerned you don't have to pay for them.
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 in response to hempstead51...   Number 1 - if you are looking for grant programs to help you start your own business then the best place to go would be your nearest large library. You have to remember that government grant programs have to be made freely and publicly accessible to the public (since these grant programs are paid for with taxpayer money). So that means that information about their grant programs are provided free of charge in both printed form and online access. Have you been to the official government grant website yet? They do not charge you there for the information about their grant programs. If you don't know the website address just do a quick Google search and you should find it easily.
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 in response to gagirl36856...   have u had any luck yet. i've started looking and it is hard, especially since i'm not sure what all the wording is about. i could be interpreting it totally wrong. and its frustrating trying to get info. i don't mind filling out applications, but u can't even find them half the time. keep me posted. any words of encouragement are desperatly needed.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   how do u go about finding the wesite u need. please point me in the right direction
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 in response to moola...   I know the feeling. The sad thing is is that I m paying 223.00 a month since Feb of 2010 and I still have to do the legwork. You would think that with tha kind of money going out that I would have grants coming out of my rear, but its sd to say that I have not found a single 1 and they are not any help. The only reason Im still paying is so that it wont hurt my credit if I stop paying.
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 in response to Willett...   

As someone that does grant research for a living I have to tell you that you have to start doing the work and start to research this information in order to find it.  That is why other sites charge you for this information because they have already done the work for you.

Realize that information about government grants has to be made accessible to the public because it is taxpayer money which is paying / funding these grants - what this means is that you should be able to find the information about the government grants online or at a public library.

Also realize too that not all grant programs are by the government.  There are other grant programs available to individuals from non-government entities as well.

Either you do the work yourself or find someone who will be able to help you find the information on your terms.  In the beginning there is a lot of hard work involved in finding these grant programs but it gets easier the longer you do it.

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